Panhandle Swing Panhandle Swing from Holland plays classic western swing in the Big Sound style of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.
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Panhandle Swing

Country Music Attitude (France)

Review by Alain Sanders (extracted version)
Across the world westerns swing like Bob Wills and for example Asleep At The Wheel is a style that can be recognized right away. Panhandle Swing keeps up that tradtion in a very talented way.
Bob Wills (1905 - 1975) emerged in the early 1930s. When you were in his band, you never knew when he'd ask you to play a solo. All of a sudden he'd point his bow at you and say, for example " On mandolin : Tim Moore !" And Tim would just have to play. In this way, he managed to valorise his musicians who, at this moment, were free to give full rein to their inspiration. Panhandle Swing has kept up this tradition.
So, listen up ! And unless you're deaf or crippled, you won't need more than 30 seconds before you have to get up and dance.

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