Panhandle Swing Panhandle Swing from Holland plays classic western swing in the Big Sound style of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.
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Panhandle Swing

Southern & Rocking Magazine uit Engeland/Finland

Panhandle Swing 'Plays The Hits Of Bob Wills'

"It's been a long time since we got to write about a European western swing band in these hallowed pages (actually it's been a long time since we got to write about anything in....). They were the French 7-piece Swingtime Orchestra, and this fine outfit are Holland's pride in the field, who I've written all about on page 71. The title is pretty self-explanatory for this album, which features dual vocalists on the first 2 songs "You're From Texas"
(BS and BL) and the slower "Staccato Waltz"(AL and CS).
The piano sure comes to life on the boogie "Ida Red", the steel tight at the back and the fiddle making itself heard, and the momentum hits 'full swing' once the fiddles dominate on 'Right Or Wrong", giving the trumpet
a bit of leeway too before coming off the gas as manager Cor takes the vocals on 'Keeper Of My Heart". Cees takes the leadvocals on the western swing ballad "Dusty Skies", Annita leads on "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"
(guitar play like Franny Beecher), Bertolf on the standard "Faded Love" and Ruud Hermans leads on the familiar "Yearning".
It is mightly impressive the way they have the resource to alternate lead vocals on this. Their success in capturing the classic westerns wing sound that they so obviously strive for is nailed down pat to a (Texas) T. and is only slighty let down on the vocals in a couple of places. "Twin Guitar Boogie" sounds as you'd expected, the fiddles and steel intercut nicely on "Got A Letter From My Kid Today" and I think Berry Selles is paramount on the upper tempo material.
It's left for me to conclude with "Roly Poly" which would've disappointing by it's absence, but luckily is present here with steelguitar sitting nicely between piano, fiddle and guest Sietze's muted trumpet, all interacting ademptly on my favourite cut".
Marc Fenech

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